Whitman Partners Rewards Program

Whitman Partners has evolved beyond the basic model of “search firm.” Our narrow and specialized market has allowed and encouraged us to redefine how a firm engages with its clients and candidates alike. Whitman Partners is devoted to the promotion of careers, ideas, technology, and professional development. Our candidates have become members we are vested in beyond job recruitment.

Does membership cost money?

No. Whitman Partners considers all active Director of Surgical Services professionals as members as our services are geared specifically toward assisting and promoting the industry of OR Management.

Then why "member?"

As our services and outreach has evolved Whitman Partners has become involved in activities and initiatives that go beyond our core business of healthcare recruiting. By organizing ourselves around a membership model we can better serve the people of our industry and help ensure hospitals and surgery centers are able to build effective and efficient OR departments.

How do I become a member?

You probably already are a member. Whitman Partners continuously communicates with and provides information to the vast majority of Directors of Surgical Services across the nation. Whether through our job map, website, e-newsletters, partnerships, or one-on-one relationships with our staff, we make our services available to all. If you do not already know us, call and introduce yourself.

So what are the ‘benefits?’

First and foremost, Whitman Partners prides ourselves on knowing the DOSS job market inside and out. We know the history, needs, and qualifications for every open DOSS job in the country at all times. We also know who is available in the job market and how to market those people to the jobs they want. We do this by knowing you and your career. Furthermore, we want to make you a better candidate. We help promote your career through recognition of excellence, opportunities to contribute content and industry guidance, as well as offering partnerships for continuing education and credentials.

Sounds great! How can I participate?

The best way to be an active member is to read our newsletters, subscribe to the Facebook groups, visit the website and read the content. You will learn about your peers in the industry and will quickly discover (and create) your own opportunities based on your expertise and interests. Pitch us an idea, let us interview you, write up a case study, create a video. We are always looking for new ways to connect our audience in creative ways.

Ready to become a member of our network?