Whitman Partners Commitment to Diversity Hiring

"Every Search is a Diversity Search"

Here at Whitman Partners, we are frequently asked to include diverse candidates in our Directors of Surgical Services searches. As a result, we’ve adopted the mindset that “every search is a diversity search.” It’s a good policy, but is it enough? Unfortunately, the data suggests we have more to do. The Institute for Diversity in Health Management (IFDHE), an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, shows that the percentage of minorities in healthcare executive positions is low: 11%.

In first and mid-level management positions, the numbers aren’t much better: 19%

Therefore, our goal for improving diversity hiring goes beyond a commitment to giving candidates of all backgrounds equal opportunity to quality jobs. We strive to be the industry leader in propelling our candidates’ careers through professional development, networking opportunities, recognition of achievement, and educational support. In that spirit, we continue to develop new ways to champion the excellent work and promising futures of our candidates.

In 2020 we launched our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Perioperative Leaders to Know recognition award. This program highlights leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds who bring their unique experience, and leadership to the field of perioperative services. Our goal is to celebrate achievement but also to give voice to the distinct and meaningful skills and viewpoints these leaders bring to the areas of surgical services management, high-quality patient care, and organizational improvement.

OR Manager Conference in Chicago, 2021. Pictured Keeli Stith, Dr. Edna Gilliam, Josiah Whitman, Dr. Katie Boston-Leary, and Brian S. Dawson.

In our work:

Whitman Partners is committed to searching and placing the best, highest-quality candidate for our clients. Therefore, it is crucial that we include as rich and diverse an array of candidates as possible for each and every search. We fully believe that a diverse background is itself a qualification that offers tremendous benefit to a potential employer and should be explored with as much energy, curiosity, and potential as education, work history, and other traditional experience.

Therefore, to meet our goals we promise:

  • To grow our BIPOC award program as the annual national recognition platform for perioperative leaders of color
  • To be a leader in advancing the discussion at industry events, national media, and our own platform
  • To incorporate diversity hiring concerns in client Needs Assessment
  • All slates to include one or more qualified diversity candidates

In our company:

We believe that Whitman Partners is a better company when our team is diverse, which includes race & ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ, background, religious belief, and more.

Unique perspectives are valued, and something we actively recruit and hire for. We also understand that not everyone starts in the same place and therefore does not always have the same opportunities for gaining experience that might be considered valuable or necessary for certain positions. We will give candidates from underrepresented minority populations a chance they might not have received otherwise because we believe it is the right thing to do and that our company is better when we are diverse.

We have set the following diversity goals here at Whitman Partners:


  • 50% gender diverse by end of 2023
  • 10% of team is BIPOC by end of 2022
  • 15% of team is BIPOC by end of 2023

Management (Managers, Directors, Executives)

  • 50% diverse by end of 2022