Boots on the ground in 90 days!

Process & Timeline

Whitman Partners searches are structured around a 90-day timeline. This timeline adheres to Best Practices and keeps ​both Whitman Partners and the client to an effective and accountable set of milestones.

Process: 10-5-2 Search Model

Whitman Partners 10-5-2 search model has been adapted from the model used to recruit Fortune 500 executives. Considering the competition for top talent and the challenges inherent in placing Directors of Surgical Services, ​the 10-5-2 model is the preferred method for success.

How 10-5-2 Works

  • Whitman Partners will deliver a slate of 10 fully vetted, viable candidates to client 30 days from the first day of the search
  • Client will ​choose 5 candidates to phone interview
  • From those five, two will be chosen to bring onsite
  • ​The final selected candidate will receive an offer


  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Efficient interview schedule
  • Backup finalist if the first choice backs out

90-Day Timeline

Whitman Partners’ highly structured timeline consists of three distinct phases.



  • Site Visit: Meet staff and stakeholders to determine the scope of the position and the culture of the facility and region.
  • Needs Assessment: Identify job parameters and areas of special attention such as level of trauma care, specialties, education, and accreditation.
  • Vetting: Create a vetting rubric to show side-by-side comparison of candidates in areas such as leadership, motivation, multi-site experience, interventional, academic, volume growth, OR scope, and any other specific area of focus.
  • Research: Scour our database of 10,000 directors and administrators to identify an initial 130 target candidates based on availability, salary, geographic profile, and experience.
  • Marketing: Prepare 5-page job flier to generate interest in your position among potential candidates. Promote on our website, magazine (with over 3000 subscribers), and weekly email blasts.
  • Recruiting: Our team of 20 recruiters ONLY fill the position of Director of Surgical Services, communicating with thousands of candidates per week and cross referencing them to all open jobs.
  • Blitz: Identify the most critical job order in our portfolio and conduct an intensive, focused, team-wide outreach event in the name of generating maximum interest from available candidates.



After the initial slate of 10 candidates is delivered, Whitman Partners will work with you to identify the five best candidates and arrange for phone interviews. From there you will identify the two candidates to bring on site.


Offer & Hire

Once a finalist has been selected, Whitman Partners will work with you to put together the offer. Once an offer has been accepted we will continue to work with you and the candidate to transition the onboarding. Our experience and resources minimize the risk of fall-offs and ensure that your hire will successfully transition to your team.

Process & Timeline

We utilize a 10-5-2 process originally developed for Fortune 500 executive recruiting. This proven method is comprehensive, follows Best Practices, and adheres to a reliable timeline.

Performance Guarantees

Our unique, industry-leading guarantees provide accountability to us and peace of mind to our clients.

Candidate Database

We organize our database of over 10,000 perioperative directors to easily identify and recruit based on experience, education, geography, and career plans.

Custom Contact Tools

Our success is a direct result of the relationships we have with our candidates. We’ve developed custom tools that help keep us in touch.

Ready for a structured, organized search process that results in a quicker hire?