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What keeps nurse leaders tossing & turning

Here’s what all nurse leaders worry about, and a few tips to deal with the stress, thanks to

New tech on its way: robot-controlled endoscope

An experimental robotic capsule endoscope was recently unveiled at Digestive Disease Week 2017. It’s in development by Vanderbilt University’s Science and Technology of Robotics in Medicine (STORM) Lab, says General Surgery News

3 questions to ask to reduce OR cancellations

A poster at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses 2017 Global Surgical Conference & Expo outlines three easy questions to avoid last-minute surgery cancellations

Is it better to offer surgery or strongly recommend it?

In shared decision making with the patient, it may be safest to strongly recommend surgery, says an ACS Surgery article.

Read the fact sheet on the nursing shortage

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has issued a fact sheet on the current nursing shortage, a serious healthcare concern.

How much do RNs get paid? 2017 Compensation Report

Medscape has just published its report on compensation for RNs and LPNs for 2017.

Is Postoperative Mental Decline for Real?

Science magazine examines the controversy surrounding postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) and examines some possible causes.

2017 Operating Room State of the Industry Report

The 2017 State of the Industry Report is available for download from Infection Control Today. The editor notes that “The majority of survey respondents (85 percent) said they believed that their healthcare institution has a strong culture of safety overall, indicating that some work still needed to be done to improve communication and collaboration between the operating room and other key stakeholders in the healthcare environment.”

Robotic Surgery Use is Up, But Not in All Specialties

A new study shows that robotic surgery is more widely used in specialties including urology, endocrinology, and gynecology, but not as much in various other fields. The study also calls into question the outcomes of robotic surgery as compared to conventional surgery.

Importance of Keeping ORs Open for Emergency Surgeries

A recent Canadian study backs up the need to keep ORs open for emergency surgeries, with statistics about the negative impacts for patients who must wait for those surgeries, and how reserving some ORs can actually save money.


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