Our ROAD WARRIOR Award recognizes interim Surgical Services Managers, OR Educators, and SPD Managers. Nominations for this award come from recognition made by fellow colleagues and our national recruitment firm. The individuals chosen for this award show a strong commitment to problem-solving and can operate under high-pressure situations. 

Elaine Botner

For Elaine Botner, the process of arriving at new facility hoping to adapt her management style, mentoring new managers, sharing ideas, and filling in the gaps for hospital administration are some of her favorite aspects of being an interim.

Read Elaine’s full interview here.

Jeff O'Brien

Three things you will learn from this talk:

1. Jeff’s advice if you are planning to join the interim world. (1:24)

2. What advice does Jeff give to the new full-time hire (4:29)

3. Key questions to ask in the interview in order to properly assess the needs of the department before you begin (8:18)

Karen Buck

Love of travel and meeting new people drew Karen Buck to the interim lifestyle. During an organizational restructure at a facility she was working for, she was offered the opportunity to try an interim position 

Read Karen’s full interview here.

Kathy Beydler

Three things you will learn from this talk:

1.Acting as a third party to understand the concerns of staff and learn why turnover was so high. (4:25

2. The importance of building relationships to make an impact, not just looking at key performance indicators. (9:52

3.Recognizing the continued impact of COVID-19 and the burnout among healthcare workers. (13:43

General Johnson

General Johnson was introduced to sterile processing as a teen when he began working as a volunteer in a hospital. During that experience, he “fell in love with blood, muscles, and bone.” Two years later he became a scrub tech and then pursued nursing school. But he soon realized the nursing world wasn’t a good fit for him, so he went back to sterile processing where he immediately felt back at home.

Read General’s full interview here.

Ernie Nichols

Three things you will learn from this talk:

1. The value of putting checklist posters on the wall (6:23)

2. SPD can help volume growth with a 5am meeting, here’s why: (9:06)

3. Give your new permanent director a month of overlap with the interim (13:15)

Rene Holden

When Rene Holden was widowed in 2013, she was left to raise two teenaged boys alone. When her children were younger, she and her husband would take them on special trips every other year to get to as many States as possible. It was her youngest son who suggested she travel nurse; he reminded her that she loves to see new places, is good at her job, and it paid more, something she needed after going from two paychecks to one. One of the aspects she loves about being an interim is that it often involves streamlining processes, something she has a gift for.

Read her full interview here

David Binkley

Three things you will learn from this talk:

Three key points from this talk:

(1:26) Why he chose a specific state to relocate to for a huge career unlock

(2:30) Why he collects calendars to start a successful engagement

(6:15) To grow volume, instead of throwing money or ideas at the problem, start by asking these questions

Marisela Tapia-Morell

Marisela Tapia-Morell had been working at one facility for over 20 years when a consultant, impressed with her knowledge, suggested she consider being an interim. Wooed by the prospect of travel and sharing her professional experience with other organizations, she stepped into it and immediately fell in love.  

Read her full interview here

Tamblyn Johnson

Three things you will learn from this talk:

(6:00) The value of having a PR person in growing volume

(7:12) Why documenting scheduling, the flow of the operating room and competencies are an elegant handoff to the next Director

(11:24) How surge techs make good circulating nurses and lead by example

Karen Sulzman

Three things you will learn from this talk:

(1:58) – the decision tree for fixing late-time starts

(4:23) – the value of building your own forms as a value-add for consulting interim engagements

(10:08) – volume growth through cross-training nurses