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Your resume should always reflect your most recent, relevant, and most valuable skills. Now is agreat time to think about your recent accomplishments and add them to your resume. You neverknow when the next awesome job opportunity will arise.

Tips to Consider

  • Write concise explanations of your past experience which is 15 years or older. Remove experience that is not relevant.
  • Make your experience section easy to skim. Long paragraphs, too many bullets can be problematic. It’s best to alter between short paragraphs and bullet lists.
  • In your experience section, be sure to list the attributes of the facilityyou worked at, for example – Level 1 Trauma, Acute Care Facility, 26 Operating Rooms, 26,000 cases annually, Reporting to COO
  • Include a skills section of core competencies or key skills that arereflected throughout your resume. This will allow the reviewer to skim your abilities and get a quick sense of who you are.
  • Think about other things to include in your skills section – Takena class? Mastered a new program? Started giving presentations? List all your professional skills, consider removing dated skills. Identify the top 8-10 related to the job you are applying for andlist those first.
  • Refresh your contact information if necessary
  • Check your keywords: Look at job descriptions posted in your industry and look to see what experience and skills are listed.

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