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Much of our content is shaped by the conversations we have with candidates. We strive to bring you content that is thought-provoking, idea-generating, and inspiring. The mission is to share information OR leaders can learn from and gain new perspectives within the field of perioperative services.

Finding Joy in the Basics with Tiffany Tscherne

It’s often the simplest things that bring the most contentment; a delicious cup of coffee, a favorite sweater that never loses its coziness.  

Side Hustle: Constructing a Genealogy with Mike Mayo

Constructing a genealogy may seem daunting—without question, it is a significant amount of work—but Mayo encourages people to just start with a simple family tree.

Her Inner Chemist: Cammy Staker’s CBD cream takes the edge off for pain management 

Being an operating room nurse, Cammy Staker is familiar with helping patients with pain management. 

 Peg Below Helps Fellow Nurses Find Respite with Wellness Coaching 

As Peg Below began advancing in perioperative leadership, it dawned on her that she wasn’t taking care of herself very well. Rest, exercise, and eating right were becoming more and more elusive.  

Thomas Fields helps build a better future with Habitat for Humanity

For Thomas Fields, an interim director of surgical services based in Charlotte, NC, being of service to others doesn’t cease when he steps outside of the operating room 

Perioperative leaders side-hustle

Horses and Healthcare: A Perfect Match

Angie Francart is constantly in motion. Even though she is quite content in her current role as administrative director of surgical services at Meritus Health, based in Maryland, Francart continues her lifelong penchant for momentum…

The Designer Cowboy

Texas native Jerry Terry grew up in a family that ranched and raised cattle, so he was always surrounded by cowboys and people that wore boots, typically in the garden variety browns and tan

The Power of Empowerment

The first time Cameo Gore got her first taste of the motivational speaking bug was during a staff meeting…

The Perfect Scoop

When David Taylor and his wife began a plant-based diet nine years ago, they quickly realized how absolute the lifestyle change was.

Dante Wheat shares how football not only presented opportunities for him to contribute his talent to a college team but also how he took those lessons learned playing a team sport into the operating room. Read more.

This is a collection of tips shared by members of the community. Learn tips on best practices and leadership strategies from experienced leaders in the OR. Read here.

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Perioperative Nurse

Thank you to Teri Egitto for allowing us to share this poem written to perioperative nurses. The original post was shared on national nurses day in June of 2021. Read here.