Directors of Surgical Services Network

Awards and Recognition

Whitman Partners supports and advances the career growth of directors and managers of surgical and perioperative services all across the entire nation. We do this through job placement and industry partnerships, but we also recognize and promote individual achievement in perioperative leadership.

2020 BIPOC Perioperative Leaders to Know

Whitman Partners is proud to announce our 2020 BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Perioperative Leaders to Know recognition award. Our goal is to highlight leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds who bring their unique skills, experience, and thought leadership to the field of perioperative services. By giving voice to distinct and important viewpoints, our industry will continue to grow and excel in the areas of surgical services management, high-quality patient care, and organizational improvement.

ROAD WARRIOR - 25 Most Agile Interim Surgical Services Directors and Managers

Our ROAD WARRIOR Award goes to the 25 Most Agile Interim Surgical Services Directors and Managers. Nominations for this award come from recognition made by fellow colleagues and our national recruitment firm. Individuals are chosen who show a strong commitment to problem-solving and will take on a myriad of challenges in high-pressure situations. Interim Surgical Services Directors and Managers do more than “bridge the gap” between one permanent leader to the next; they are recognized experts in transformational leadership, staff development, volume growth, and more. View nominee profiles

40 Fast & Future Leaders of Surgical Services

Our 40 Fast and Future Leaders of Surgical Services were nominated by the Whitman Partners recruitment team. The list is tailored to celebrate and honor OR managers and directors early in their careers. These individuals demonstrate acute leadership and achievement worth recognizing. Our firm looks forward to seeing the kind of impact these individuals make in the field of perioperative services.

It is Whitman Partners’ honor and mission to support and advance the surgical services industry by facilitating the dissemination of new ideas in leadership, technology, and best practices. Identifying and sharing the achievements, inspirational stories, and insight of emerging leaders is key to driving effectiveness, efficiency, and patient satisfaction for OR departments of all sizes and scope.