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Top 10 clever ideas seen in the OR by Interim Directors of Surgical Services
  In our 2020 Road Warrior series, we featured a sampling of our interim Directors of Surgical Services (DOSS) who spoke


   5 Key Points The OR leader must have a thorough scientific understanding of sterile processing  The amount 
Introduction When COVID-19 cases began to grow in the United States, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) suspended elective surgeries to pr
Eavesdropping on the C-Suite: What Director of Surgical Services candidates say about their interview experience Whitman Partners surveyed more than 1
   5 Key Points Don’t combine circulator and educator roles. Be committed to a full-time educator position The ideal educator should have

Thank you to our 2020 ROAD WARRIOR nominees.

Whitman Partners’ mission is to support and advance the career growth of directors of surgical services across the nation. We do this through job placement, industry partnership, and career resources as well by recognizing and promoting individual achievement in perioperative leadership.

The 2020 ROAD WARRIOR Award goes to the 25 Most Agile Interim Surgical Services Directors and Managers. Nominations for this award come from recognition made by fellow colleagues and our national recruitment firm. Individuals are chosen who show a strong commitment to problem-solving and will take on a myriad of challenges in high-pressure situations. Interim Surgical Services Directors and Managers do more than “bridge the gap” between one permanent leader to the next; they are recognized experts in transformational leadership, staff development, volume growth, and more.